Al-risaalah Masjid

My Dear Bro/sis, thank to Allah who has made us to reach the blessed month of Ramadan

The month of Siyam, the anth of Quran, the month of mercy and forgiveness, the month of du’a and rewards.

Also we Thank Allah for making us and allowing us to complete the month of Raman.


It is more than 10 years since we bought This Masjid, and as you know there are over than 1000 people attend Friday prayer at Al-risaalah Masjid.

Many people are forced to pray in the corridor and even shoes area and stairway.dou to the lack of space

We are now at the final stages to start our extension programme, this expension is needed to provide more capacity prayer spaces  and improved toilets and classes facilities for children

Please Help us to rebuild the masjid and donate generously tonight wich is last night of Ramadan.

May  Allah SWT grant you and your family blessing in your health and wealth and protect you from all harm.

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